[Summer Summit] was very fun and the points were super motivating to participate in activities. I am looking forward to exploring STEM careers and post secondary programs in STEM more next year!

Summer Summit Participant 2021

I’m really enjoying this STEM program because it goes more in-depth about women in the STEM field and makes it less terrifying to approach as a potential career than what school said about it.

STEMforGIRLS Club Member

Thanks again for the skills! I know it’s not something [my daughter] would normally gravitate to, but the STEMforGIRLS Club made it fun for her.

Guardian of a STEMforGIRLS Club member

We have widely recommended this program to other parents and used our connections to help increase the reach through other community organizations. Without this experience I am sure [my daughter] would be even more behind in STEM and that would have greatly impacted her ability to participate in school.

Guardian of a STEMforGIRLS Club member


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