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Mandy Doyle


Name: Mandy Doyle

Occupation: Well Operations Supervisor

Employer: ExxonMobil

Education: Petroleum Engineering Technology Diploma, College of the North Atlantic

Hometown: Bay de Verde, NL

Current community of residency: St. John's, NL

Mandy Doyle

What does your typical work day involve?

I work offshore supervising drilling operations. I have an office offshore and work both inside and outside. I am responsible to oversee drilling operations are being conducted as per ExxonMobil procedure and safety practices are being followed to ensure workforce is working in a safe manner. I work 21 days on the rig and 21 days home. I fly to the rig via helicopter which takes about 1hr 30 mins.

What do you love most about your profession? Why did you choose this career?

I like that I work in a challenging environment. Things are different everyday which keeps it fresh and I love that there is always a continuous opportunity to learn while seeing the world.

When did you realize you wanted to work in STEM?

I lived with a girl while attending MUN who was in the Petroleum Program. I was more interested in what she was doing then what I was doing.

What were your favorite subjects in school?

When in high school I loved chemistry and music. However, when attending college I developed a love for physics, geology, reservoir, production and drilling.

What advice would you give girls, who are still in school, who might be considering a career like yours?

You can absolutely do anything you put your mind to. Things that are too easy are not worth it. Accept challenges and change head on with positivity. Attitude is a choice. Choose wisely.

Why do we need more women in skilled trades and STEM?

I think we need more women simply because we think differently. We have different life experiences that can be brought to the table.

Who was your role model? What about this person inspires you?

My role model was my grandfather. He was a black smith, carpenter, and fisherman. When younger I always thought he was too slow and paid too much attention to detail however, I now realize his calmness and manner in which he conducted himself was what most inspired me. He was uneducated but loved to read and took the time and initiative to educate himself. He had a wealth of knowledge and an appetite for learning.

What do you do for fun? What are some of your hobbies/activities?

I enjoy hiking, backyard fires, sailing, travel, all winter activities, quilting, home improvement projects, volunteering, etc…. I believe anything can be a hobby. Do the things that make you happy.

What superhero do you relate to most? Why?

I relate most to Spiderman. While working on a rig everybody’s problem becomes your problem to solve. Sometimes I feel like when Spiderman spins his web catching all things in his web from harming people.

Anything else you wish to share?

I believe it is really important to enjoy your job! If you wake up in the morning everyday dreading what you do then make a change. You are going to be doing whatever you decide to do for a very long time so you might as well enjoy it!!!


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