Our STEM Safety Relay is a 2.5 hour workshop for girls in grades four to six where we introduce them to women working in STEM fields. Our workshop hosts talk about their careers and the value of science and math courses while they lead the girls through a fun-filled safety relay activity.

Are you a girl in grades 4 to 6? Our STEM Safety Relay is for you!

Join us at our next STEM Safety Relay and:

  • meet women working in STEM and learn about their careers
  • find out how your math and science skills can help you have a STEM career
  • do a safety relay activity

You can learn about all kinds of cool careers like Environmental Science, Instrumentation Technology, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Welding and other trades, Building Construction and Safety.

The STEM Safety Relay is just for girls so you can have fun with math, science, and technology, meet women working in all kinds of cool careers, and see all of the ways that you can use your math and science skills to consider a career in STEM.


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