Self-Esteem is what we think, feel and believe about ourselves internally. Self-esteem involves your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your confidence level; these can differ from day to day. Therefore self-esteem isn’t stable or consistent.
Whether or not you struggle with self-esteem, check out the fantastic three-part video below to learn more about how self-esteem works and how you can improve yours!

Self Esteem For Teens Part 1/3
Self Esteem and Your Brain – Teen Leaders and Young Adults – PART 2/3
6 Self Esteem Tips for Young Adults and Teen Leaders – Part 3/3

Self-Esteem Tips: Dealing with Body Image Issues

Self-Confidence is the degree to which you trust yourself and your ability to deal with challenges, solve problems, achieve goals and engage successfully. Self-confidence and self-esteem are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing when in fact, they do not. They are very different. Self-confidence is outward-facing and often easier to build than self-esteem. It is possible to be confident in your abilities and have low self-esteem.
Whether or not you have self-confidence issues, check out the videos below to learn and understand more about it and how to tackle it.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence – What’s the Difference?
Lessons on Self-Confidence from a Teenager | Reece Doppenberg | TEDxYouth@Langley

Self-Worth is recognizing that you are a valuable human being worthy of self-love. It’s a deep knowing that you are of value, you are loveable, necessary to this life and of incomprehensible worth. 

How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth – Ted-Ed Blog

Self-Compassion is being kind, warm and understanding to yourself when you fail, suffer or feel inadequate rather than ignoring your pain or bombarding yourself with self-criticism. It’s the ability to turn understanding, acceptance and love inward. Treat yourself the same way you’d treat your best friend if they felt bad about something, with love and understanding. Whether or not you struggle with showing yourself compassion check out the videos below to learn more. 

Self Compassion – YouTube

How to Be a Friend to Yourself – YouTube

Audio Meditation – Self-Compassion – YouTube


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