Math Overview

Mathematics-based careers span many fields, including accountants, researchers, bankers, statisticians, math teachers, and economists. Each of these professionals has math at the core of their work and must use their skills every day to do their jobs.

Are you interested in animating the next Pixar movie? How about making data tell a story? Maybe you want to plot trajectories into space or design giant skyscrapers? All of these feats can be achieved with a foundation in mathematics!

Improve Your Math Skills
These websites and YouTube channels have games and courses to help improve your math skills.


YouTube Channels

Post Secondary Options

Through the Mathematics and Statistics Department of the Faculty of Science, Memorial University offers three majors: Pure MathematicsApplied Mathematics, and Statistics.

Other math-related programs at Memorial include a B.Sc in Economics, a B.Sc in Computer Science, and a B.Comm (commerce).

At the College of the North Atlantic (CNA), you can complete a diploma in accounting either through the Business Administration (Accounting) diploma or the Business Management (Accounting) diploma. CNA also offers more computational math-focused programs like Software Development (Co-op), Computer Systems and Networking, and Enterprise Web Development.


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