Our volunteers join STEMforGIRLS to support and engage girls and gender-diverse youth in exploring STEM fields and Skilled Trades but the benefits are not one-sided.

Volunteering with us is also beneficial for YOU!

Improved Well-Being

  • People who volunteer regularly ‘appear to experience a great sense of mental well-being than those who never volunteered'  (Volunteer.ca).
  • Volunteering invites you to be part of something great than yourself which contributes to your sense of purpose – an important indicator of personal happiness.
  • Supporting STEMforGIRLS is an opportunity to have tangible, measurable impact on issues around gender equity for young women and allows you to play role in changing the STEM professional world for the better.

Opportunities for Skill Development

  • Volunteering with us gives you real-world experience for your resume.
  • With STEMforGirls, you can expand your network of female STEM professionals.
  • Working with young women and with other professionals allows you to polish and enhance your leadership skills

Sense of Belonging

  • By working with STEMforGIRLS, you connect with women of all ages who work in your field and in fields like yours. You will be part of a broad, inclusive community that is invested in your success!


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