There is significant research exploring the reasons why women are underrepresented in STEM-related fields, why businesses should care about diversity in the workforce, and how we can overcome barriers to achieve a critical mass of women working in STEM-related fields.

Impact and Reach

Through the online resources and virtual offerings, there is unlimited possibilities for engagement with girls, community leaders and teachers to become involved with STEMforGIRLS. But we know that setting outcomes and measuring impact is essential to the success of this program. Formal feedback methods and external evaluations have always been part of our model. 

Benefits of Getting Involved

Aside from the impact you can make, there are benefits for you personally! 

STEMforGIRLS Professional Development

If you’re a STEMforGIRLS Champion or just want to know more about how to encourage the emergence of more females employed in STEM professions put these consider completing these upcoming training and professional development sessions on ‘how girls learn’, ‘unconscious bias’, and ‘virtual engagement.’ To be there first to know when they launch, join our mailing list (see below)!

WRDC Professional Development

WRDC offers a variety of recruitment and retention best practices information sessions to employers as well as free public professional development webinars on “Diversity, Inclusion, and You” and “Creating a Respectful Workplace” for the benefit of all. WRDC’s information sessions create awareness about the benefits of a diverse workforce, and can be tailored to specific sectors and events.


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