Role models are female or gender-diverse professionals with experience working in the fields of Science, Skilled Trades, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics. 

As a Role Model, you get to decide how much you want to participate but all Role Models start by creating an engaging personal profile that highlights you and your work. (If that kind of writing intimidates you, we can help!)

Once your profile is complete you can choose other Role Model activities such as:

  • recorded interviews about your experiences
  • posting content about your day-to-day
  • answering participants’ questions in the digital clubhouse
  • participating in events, such as panel discussions and presentations
  • becoming a chapter coordinator.
Are you a female or gender diverse STEM or skilled trade professional?
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Please fill out the profile questionnaire to be featured in our gallery of Role Models, a great resource for students completing career research.

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Filling out a Role Model profile is a great first step but if you are interested in having a greater positive impact on girls across the province, consider becoming a Role Model Champion.

A Role Model Champion engages with STEMforGIRLS participants in person, in the digital clubhouse, and through monthly activities, regional events, and the annual provincial conference

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