The generous support from industry sponsors ensures the continuity of these programs that engage girls in hands-on interactive learning activities, provide opportunities to hear from female role models, and instill the confidence required to make informed career choices. 

That support comes in three forms:

  1. 1
    access to female role models working in the field,
  2. 2
    access to worksites / facilities for tours, and
  3. 3
    the financial support to ensure girls living anywhere in this province gain the confidence and knowledge needed to pursue STEM in post-secondary and beyond.

Connect with us to schedule a STEMforGIRLS Sponsorship Presentation:

Subject line: STEMforGIRLS Sponsorship Presentation Request

There are four annual sponsorship levels with corresponding levels of exposure through social media impressions and acknowledgement of sponsorship level in various locations including a company profile page on Sponsors of all four levels are recognized in marketing materials, such as for the provincial conference, using logo scaling to indicate sponsorship level.

In-kind support provided through role model engagement and worksite / facilities tours provides additional inherent exposure. Ways employees can become engaged as role models include participating in recorded interviews, responding to student forum questions, and participating in live events both online and in-person. Worksite and facility video presentations are additional content we can use to highlight our sponsors contributions while providing valuable educational resources to the girls. 

This chart outlines additional details on annual sponsorship levels:

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Sponsorship Benefits

Monthly Activities Directly Sponsored

Provincial Conference Events Sponsored

Regional Events Sponsored

Professional Development Sessions Sponsored

Platinum $25,000+





Gold $20,000+





Silver $15,000+




Bronze $10,000+



Customized Event Sponsorship




*These individual opportunities to sponsor specific events, items, or activities are approximated. Please connect with us at subject line 'STEMforGIRLS Sponsorship') if you are interested in a package tailored more specifically to your needs.
Corporate sponsorship assists with travel and accommodation for the provincial conference, monthly activity kits, and supreme STEM kits for schools or community organizations hosting STEMforGIRLS Club Chapters. 
The benefits of directly sponsoring monthly activities include the naming rights for the number of months specified, highlighted video content (role model interviews, worksite tours, or other provided content), and distribution of provided swag to all STEMforGIRLS Club members. 

Contact Information

To learn more about how you can empower girls to pursue STEM, contact us.

Cheri Butt
Chief Executive Officer 
T: (709) 738-3715 

Trina Porter
ERC Program Coordinator 
T: (709) 738-1214 


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