What if I don’t work in STEM or the Skilled Trades? Can I still volunteer?

STEMforGIRLS depends on the support of all kinds of volunteers and we would love to have your help online or in person. Tell us about your interests and skills and we’ll find a way for you to apply them in our program.

Register a Chapter - Coming Autumn 2021!

STEMforGIRLS Club members will soon have the option to form local community chapters  under the guidance of a local Champion (a teacher, community leader, or senior club member.)

Local chapters can meet in-person and online to build a stronger sense of community, pool resources, and expand each other’s perspectives.

No Local Chapter? No Problem!

STEMforGIRLS members who do not have access to a local chapter will be welcomed into a digital chapter. These online chapters will be guided by a community leader and will work together virtually to complete collaborative projects and support each other.

What To Do Right Now:

Until the chapters are put in place, all STEMforGIRLS Club members will register as individuals. Chapter invitations will be issued when local chapters are established.

While you’re waiting, groups of girls in your local community may still choose to gather to work collaboratively on the monthly activities but we ask that you take responsibility for carefully and diligently following public health guidelines. 


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