STEMforGIRLS Champions are the volunteers that make this program everything it can be. They are parents, teachers, community leaders, and can even be the girls themselves. Champions empower participants by providing information, coordinating activities, supporting, and instilling the self-confidence needed to pursue STEM careers. They create a sense of community by connecting the girls with each other, as well as female professionals working in STEM fields.

To provide the best possible experience, champions will be provided with training and professional development sessions on ‘how girls learn’, ‘unconscious bias’, and ‘virtual engagement.’ While WRDC coordinators will provide ongoing support, champions will also develop a network via their own “digital clubhouse” where they can share their experiences, troubleshoot concerns, and support each other.

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Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders may be post-secondary students enrolled in STEM programs or senior club members. They add an additional layer of connection in each community chapter. Junior Leaders may directly mentor participants when completing career research, as well as selection of high school courses and post-secondary programs. They may also directly assist a specific chapter coordinator and/or support all club members through the digital clubhouse. Junior Leaders will also benefit from access to our resources as they build their own careers while developing leadership skills in this role.

Chapter Coordinators

Chapter Coordinators are the points of contact in local areas. They facilitate monthly programming, recruit club members and chaperone in-person events. The coordinator may be a teacher, parent, or a community leader. Coordinators for online-only chapters actively connect girls who are geographically isolated.

Role Models

Role models are female professionals with experience working in STEM fields. They can participate in varying degrees but start by creating an engaging profile about themselves. They may also do recorded interviews about their experiences, post content about their day-to-day, field participants’ questions in the digital clubhouse, and/or participate in events such as panel discussions. Role models also may choose to be a chapter coordinator.

General Volunteers

There’s always room for a general volunteer both as we move forward with our virtual offerings and once public health guidelines in-person events. Let us know what you bring to the table and we’ll see where you fit into STEMforGIRLS on a one-on-one basis.


The generous support from industry sponsors is essential to success of the STEMforGIRLS programs. From financial support, to employer-supported volunteerism and in-kind donations, sponsors ensure the continuity of these programs that engage girls in hands-on interactive learning activities, provide opportunities to hear from female role models, and instill the confidence required to make informed career choices.

Girls Supporting Girls

STEMforGIRLS Programs are provided free of charge because we value diversity and inclusion of ideas and people. To increase our accessibility, families with the means to do so can offset the cost of their daughter’s membership and expand our reach to more girls across this province. A small monthly contribution of $30 directly sponsors an additional girl’s STEMforGIRLS Club membership, ensuring she has access to materials to learn about STEM careers.


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