This modular workshop explores the work from various Engineering disciplines through hands-on activities and a variety of presentations and demonstrations.  

Join us at our next Engineering Solutions workshop and you will:

  • design and build a roller coaster using a blueprint design
  • work as a team to creatively engineer a working roller coaster
  • meet and take part in a panel discussion with female role models
  • construct your very own robot using instructional techniques
  • code your robot and understand the importance of coding in other applications
  • find out more about all the engineering disciplines and career options available
  • strengthen your communications, leadership, and teamwork skills, while you gain confidence in yourself and in your skills.

Here’s a list of the specific activities and presentations for each Engineering Solutions workshop:

  • What is an engineer?
  • Female Role Model panel
  • Design a roller coaster
  • Build a working roller coaster
  • Construct mbot Robot
  • Code mbot
  • Friendly competitions


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