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The first of the STEMforGIRLS Chapters are starting this Autumn! When you coordinate a chapter you will receive STEM activity kits and resources for monthly engagement and can look forward to special events in your area. Click here to learn more!

Hear from STEMforGIRLS Educators...

I’m really enjoying this STEM program because it goes more in-depth about women in the STEM field and makes it less terrifying to approach as a potential career than what school said about it.

STEMforGIRLS Club Member

[Summer Summit] was very fun and the points were super motivating to participate in activities. I am looking forward to exploring STEM careers and post secondary programs in STEM more next year!

Summer Summit Participant 2021

Thanks again for the skills! I know it’s not something [my daughter] would normally gravitate to, but the STEMforGIRLS Club made it fun for her.

Guardian of a STEMforGIRLS Club member

We have widely recommended this program to other parents and used our connections to help increase the reach through other community organizations. Without this experience I am sure [my daughter] would be even more behind in STEM and that would have greatly impacted her ability to participate in school.

Guardian of a STEMforGIRLS Club member


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