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Engineering STEMforGIRLS Role Models

Judith George

Well Engineer

Shell Petroleum Development Company


Mbano, Nigeria

Current community of residence:

St John's

Social Media Connections
  • LinkedIn (Judith Egbecoha George)
Education (Certificates, Programs, and School Names):
  • B.Eng, MSc., MBA, PhD (In view)
I consider myself to be:
  • Immigrant (That is, landed immigrants (permanent residents), persons who have claimed refugee status (asylum seekers), persons from another country with a work or study permit.)
What do you love most about your profession? Why did you choose this career?

I do love the knowledge that I am applying my engineering training and understanding of science towards serving humanity. I work to contribute to providing sustainable ways to deliver energy to power societal progress.

Growing up, I loved mathematics, physics, and chemistry. I also loved how scientific principles enabled me to make sense of the world around me. That is why I chose to be an engineer.

When did you realize you wanted to work in STEM or Skilled Trades?

I realized that I wanted to work in STEM in high school. I was helped by my teachers to better understand and appreciate scientific concepts. The concepts were quite well illustrated too.

How do you think the school you went to influenced your career?

The high school I attended strongly influenced my choice of Engineering as a career. All the students were given equal exposure to STEM subjects. The teachers were quite enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

What was the best advice you have been given?

I have been advised to apply myself to whatever life endeavor I encounter and to seek help when required. I have also been advised to be as kind and supportive as possible.

What would you be looking for during an interview for an entry level position?

I would look at the company's business strategy and growth. I would also look to see if I can receive sufficient training and hands-on experience. Growth and career development are very crucial in the first few years of an entry level role.

What was your first job? What skills from it that continue to help you in your current role?

I worked as a junior buyer for a Beverage Bottling Company. The job helped me develop stronger work ethics, resilience, emotional intelligence, and empathy.

What does your typical workday involve? Can you work remotely? (indoors/outdoors, office/plant, travel time, teamwork/solo work)

As a Well Engineer, my work schedule depends on my present role. I have had to work on the rig on a remote location. Other times, I have had to work in the office designing and planning for well activities. All my workday involves significant collaboration with other professionals.

Does your work make a difference in people’s lives and the world?

Yes, it does. I contribute to developing safe and sustainable solutions for accessing energy sources and solid minerals (my Ph.D. research). By what I do, I work to create wealth for human capital development, protect the environment, and power progress.

Who is your role model? What is it about this person inspires you?

My mother is my role mother. She is really hard working, empathetic, and has a continuous desire to learn. She is a firm believer in working towards the good of humankind.

Whatsapp. I am able to connect and stay in touch with my loved ones. Strengthening my connection with my community keeps me grounded.

Tell us about some great organizations or programs that students might want to get involved in!

One organization that has really helped me grow as a professional is the Society of Petroleum Engineers. They have several volunteering opportunities that help younger professionals stay connected with the community.


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