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Engineering STEMforGIRLS Role Models

Courtney Harnum

Capital Budget Lead

Newfoundland Power


If they can see it, they can be it!

St. John's

Education (Certificates, Programs, and School Names):
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical, Memorial University
When did you realize you wanted to work in STEM or Skilled Trades?

I realized I wanted to work in STEM when I was in high school. I had amazing science and math teachers and loved learning in their classes. They always made topics fun and practical and showed how they could be applied in everyday life.

What was the best advice you have been given?

"Make your own luck." My high school chemistry teacher told me this on the last day of high school. It stayed with me all through university and now into my career and helped me remain focused on my goals.

What would you be looking for during an interview for an entry level position?

I would be looking for someone who is personable, enthusiastic, and willing to learn. Being able to speak confidently, and not be afraid to ask questions.

What does your typical workday involve? Can you work remotely? (indoors/outdoors, office/plant, travel time, teamwork/solo work)

My typical workday is in the office. I work daily with engineers, accountants, lawyers, and other groups within the Company.

Tell us about some great organizations or programs that students might want to get involved in!

Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) Newfoundland and Labrador, Let's Talk Science, Iron Ring Girls (on Instagram).


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