Jump right into learning to code with our 1.5 hour Coding with Rosie workshop.

Coding with Rosie teaches you the basics of computer language, shows you how to use binary to make your own bracelet and then how to use coding to direct a robot.

Once you follow our step-by-step process and understand how it all works, you’ll get the chance to show your skills in a friendly robot competition.

Coding with Rosie teaches you:

  • how to understand binary – the language computers ‘speak’
  • the binary alphabet
  • how to code a robot to perform certain task 
  • the importance of coding in other applications
  • how get your robot moving and ready to compete
  • all about careers in computer science, coding, and engineering

And, while you are at Coding for Rosie, you will build your confidence and get better at sharing ideas, helping others, and working as part of a team.


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