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  • practical, hands-on career exploration programs?
  • news about exciting opportunities in trades and STEM?
  • confidence-building experience to help you pursue these careers?
STEMforGIRLS is here to help!

Before you can confidently choose a career, you need information, resources, and some hands-on experience. 

That’s why our STEMforGIRLS programs combine hands-on, interactive activities, presentations, and connections with female role models and the research and information you need to make confident career choices. 

STEMforGIRLS educators work in collaboration with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD), Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, public and private post-secondary education institutions, industry, and community organizations to provide young women like you with practical experience and information about training and careers in skilled trades and technology.

Our past participants have had a great time ‘trying out’ a wide variety of STEM skills, and they have been inspired to consider careers in STEM and trades-related fields. 

Thanks to the sponsors listed below, our STEMforGIRLS programs are provided at no charge.


Since we can’t all hang out all of the time, the STEMforGIRLS Club is the next best thing.  As a club member, you’ll receive monthly STEM activities and get access to regional events, our provincial Summer Summit, and you get the key to the digital clubhouse. You can choose how and when to participate, and we’ll be there to greet you! 

Regional Events

It’s great to hang out online but hanging out in person can be even better.  Our regional events bring STEM activities and presentations to a town near you. Click here to find out more!

Provincial Summer Summit

Once a year, we gather in St. John’s to dive into career exploration. Join us for STEM career activities and challenges, panel discussion, and take some post-secondary program tours.  

Day Camps

STEMforGIRLS Day Camp is a great way to extend STEM exploration. We partner with community groups around the province and offer fun hands-on activities and learning opportunities to youth.

STEM at Home and Other Resources

Feeling crafty? Check out these activities you can do using materials you have at home!


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